What’s Right, not Who’s Right (Paperback – includes shipping via USPS)


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What if you could stop the madness in the world — through a simple shift?

Unfortunately, we’re losing our collective humanity through our addiction to “being correct” instead of “being connected.” Far too much time is wasted–in business, family life, education, etc.– because we are mired in urination contests, in endless debate, in bickering, politicking, and posturing. We create unproductive and toxic conflict through our need to be right.

What’s the simple shift?

Let’s listen first. Let’s empathize and walk a mile in someone else’s shoes. Let’s treat each other with dignity and respect. Let’s regain our own humanity, and honor the humanity in others. Let’s focus on “What’s Right, not Who’s Right.” By making this simple (but often not easy) shift, our relationships, our work lives, our personal lives, and our health and well-being will improve.

The madness will end!

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