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Editorial Reviews

Professional Reviews

Arthur McFarlane II
Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment
and…Great Grandson of W.E.B. Dubois
“We keep looking for a magic bullet for the epidemic of incarceration…there isn’t one. It’s a complex problem that will require complex solutions. Hassan A. Latif is a part of that solution. His book is an invaluable resource for all of us. His words are moving, courageous and real. Don’t walk- RUN to get your copy and hear this amazing survivor!Hassan’s message is compelling and heartfelt. Try to hear him speak. It’s time to change the world, Peeps!”

Ken Gaipa
Executive Director Peer I
(University of Colorado, Addiction Research and Treatment Program)
“A really powerful message, people need it. Wonderful piece of work there.”

Reader Reviews

Drew Maestas
“There is no doubt in my mind that this book can save lives by the direction the book gives. I have followed the path you have created out of prison and lead a clean and fulfilling life. I have been out of priison since 11/07/08. I have a spiritual life, great job, great friends, great partner, family, and most of all I have myself. I look forward to seeing the work you do lead others towards the joy we have.”

Debbie Johns
“I believe this book can help people make a difference in their own lives if they want to make the change. What a great aand helpful tool.”

Autumn Bodenhamer
“A must read for anyone who has been affected by incarceration, searching for the WHY and the hope that change is possible.”

Khalil Halim
“A life changing manual on how to regain your freedom by freeing your mind.”

About the Author

Hassan A. Latif
Hassan Latif is a Certified Addictions Counselor in Colorado, and provides addiction counseling services primarily to people living with HIV and those recently released from incarceration. A nationally certified Cognitive Behavior Change Facilitator (NCTI), he serves as Mentoring Coordinator for a Denver-based organization that provides job training, education and support for recently released ex-offenders.

After spending almost 18 consecutive years in Colorado penitentiaries, Hassan embarked on a career trying to help others avoid prison. He continues to return to Colorado correctional facilities to provide support for residents engaged in educational programming. As a member of the Board of Directors for the Colorado Criminal Justice Reform Coalition, he helps to drive the organization’s mission to reverse the trend of mass incarceration in the State of Colorado, providing expert testimony in support of senate reform bills brought before the State Legislature.

Hassan is the Executive Director of the newly founded, Second Chance Center, Inc., and is committed to reducing recidivism by helping formerly incarcerated men and women successfully transition upon release. Hassan is married to Imani, and they have two children (Sama and Khansaa).

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